WALTER  V-Drives 

Walter V-Drives are precision gear drives which allow inboard engines to be placed in the stern (rear) of a boat. 






Advantages include:


The Walter V-Drive enables the propeller to be tucked under the hull in front of the rudder  (below left) -- instead of hanging off the stern next to the swim platform as with a sterndrive or  inboard/outboard (below right).  

This safety feature is important on small recreational runabouts designed for water sports enthusiasts, especially with small children aboard (or an inexperienced captain).









Q-u-i-e-t and  Compact Design

Q - U - I - E - T   design features time-tested precision-ground helical gears (same manufacturing process as aircraft gearing) for smooth and quiet operation.  The small vertical offset allows the engine to be mounted lower in the boat resulting in a lower the center of gravity.  This lower center of gravity greatly enhances boat handling, tracking and stability.

Walter V-Drives are available in Direct Mounted and Remote Mounted models, in a wide variety of sizes -- each with  numerous standard gear ratios and V-angles -- to accommodate nearly every application on runabouts, wakeboard boats, houseboats, cruisers and fishing boats.


Direct Mounted Models   

Direct-Mounted models couple to the back of simple and inexpensive direct-drive (1:1)  transmissions.  Because of the short length and small vertical offset, they are the perfect solution for ski boats, runabouts and wherever space is limited.  Unlike expensive sterndrives which are constantly immersed in water, Walter V-Drives have a simple, reliable and efficient design which is inexpensive to maintain and repair.











Remote Mounted Models   

Remote-Mounted models (also known as "Independently-Mounted") can be positioned a few inches or several feet away from the transmission, allowing the boat designer a great variety of engine placements.  The remote mounted V-Drive, securely fastened to the hull stringers with its own adjustable mounting brackets and thrust bearing, allows the engine to be soft mounted.  A flexible joint assembly, splined connecting shaft and self-aligning bearing isolates engine movement from the propeller shaft resulting in less noise and vibration being transmitted through the hull -- especially useful in diesel engine applications.












Proven Design -- Rugged and Reliable

Walter V-Drives have proven their reliability with more than 60 years in the field.   


  There is no substitute for time-tested reliability 







Computerized Machining + Old World Craftsmanship

Walter Machine combines 75+ years of old-world craftsmanship with the most advanced computerized (CNC) machining in the manufacture of each Walter V-Drive.  Precision components combined with a superior design results in long term reliability you can count on.





Factory Rebuilding Service

Our staff of expert factory technicians is available to repair your Walter V-Drive.  Factory professionals rebuild your V-Drive using only the correct premium original equipment marine-grade parts -- no used or inferior aftermarket substitutes are used.   

Our repair philosophy is simple, we repair your V-Drive to factory specifications, we do it in a timely fashion, and we do it right the first time.  

 V-Drive Factory Repair Information  (pdf) 




Genuine Factory Parts

Walter Machine maintains a large stock of V-Drives and parts for quick shipment.  For more information, please call 201-656-5654, email  or fax 201-656-0318 with the V-Drive Serial Number (see below).






Identification - Serial Number

The serial number must accompany all requests for replacement gear drives,  parts, or information  (the model number is not sufficient).  

The serial number is stamped into the serial plate.  The serial plate is a gold and black brass plate, the size of a business card, rivetted onto the main V-Drive case (on most models it is located on the side facing the bow of the boat).   The serial plate usually contains:

The numbers are stamped into the plate.  If the numbers are not clearly visible, or are painted over, lightly sand the plate with fine sandpaper to expose the numbers.   


If the serial plate has been removed, please fill out the "V-Drive Identification Guide" below.

  V-Drive Identification Guide  (pdf) 



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