WALTER  Gear  Drives  - Industrial and Custom

Walter Gear Drives are designed and manufactured to suit applications from 10 - 1,000 horsepower and from 100 to 90,000 rpm.  We offer a complete line of standard Vertical Offset Gear Drives which can be used as speed reducers or speed increasers; standard and custom gear ratios available.  Features include high strength one-piece main housings, precision ground gears, high-capacity bearings, oil jet lubrication and water cooling.  For more than 80 years, Walter Gear Drives have proven reliable in a wide range of industries and applications:


Engineering + Manufacturing Excellence

Walter Gear Drives are designed for long-life, low-maintenance trouble free operation.  Precision close-tolerance ground gears for smooth and reliable operation.  Computer-numerically-controlled machining centers throughout all manufacturing operations, combined with skilled craftsmen and toolmakers, produce precision close-tolerance components and assemblies.



Vertical Offset Gear Drives (RO-V)

A complete line of standard Vertical Offset Gear Drives which can be used as speed reducers or speed increasers.  Each model can be supplied in several different standard gear ratios.  Ruggedly built with high strength cast iron housings, precision ground helical gears and bi-directional oil circulating pumps.  "Idler Gear" option changes rotation direction of output shaft.





Directly-Mounted Reduction Gear Drives (RO-D)

Designed for tight installations, Walter Directly-Mounted Reduction Gear Drives mount to standard direct-drive (1:1) marine transmissions and provide 3" to 6" of vertical drop depending upon the model.   




Horizontal Offset Gear Drives  (RO-H)

For installations requiring the motor and driven member on the same horizontal plane, Walter Horizontal Offset Gear Drives provide the solution.  Can be used as speed reducers or speed increasers.  



Reputation for Service

Walter Machine's commitment  to it's customers and to service began in 1927.  We understand your need to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.  Walter Gear Drives are built to withstand punishment which would cause other brands to quit.  All Walter products are designed with "ease of repair" in mind.  A large parts inventory is maintained for prompt shipment.  



Sample Gear Drives

The gear drives shown below  are a small sample of Walter Machine's ability to design and manufacture gearboxes.  Single output, dual output, single speed, two speed, vertical offset, and horizontal offset configurations.  


















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